Tuesday, April 13th

What are the goals of a Working Group?

  • To encourage focused discussions about topics that we all encounter that would help us to develop written standards in the field, on any of a number of subjects:

    • digital data management, photo storage

    • destructive sampling methods, ethics, and record keeping

    • field record keeping, ethics, methods

    • use of adhesives and names of adhesives

    • many, many more

  • To create a written standard or template document that can be broadly shared across labs, covering a topic that is encountered by many labs.

  • To post the resulting written standards or template documents so that they are easily accessible.

Working Group: Strategic Planning

Facilitators: Lee Hall and Mariana Di Giacomo

The Strategic Planning session will focus on our Association's goals and how to continue to fulfill our mission. We will find solutions to better serve our members and use this opportunity as a forum to discuss our strengths, weaknesses, and capacity.

What topics should we focus on? How do we make our work more meaningful? How do we engage with our members and those who want to join? Which resources are our members interested in getting from us? These and many more questions will be the core of the meeting, where we will establish priorities and a plan to execute them.

We welcome all who are interested in shaping the future of AMMP!

2021 Host Committee

Shawn Haugrud, Chair                                   

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