Wednesday, April 22nd

This year we are trying something new with our Wednesday Symposium.

What are the goals of a Working Group?

  • To encourage focused discussions about topics that we all encounter that would help us to develop written standards in the field, on any of a number of subjects:

    • digital data management, photo storage

    • destructive sampling methods, ethics, and record keeping

    • field record keeping, ethics, methods

    • use of adhesives and names of adhesives

    • many, many more

  • To create a written standard or template document that can be broadly shared across labs, covering a topic that is encountered by many labs.

  • To post the resulting written standards or template documents, so that they are easily accessible.

Working Group: Prep Documentation

Facilitator(s): Marilyn Fox

Many of us have developed our own prep records, but what if there was a template for general prep records that could be downloaded and adapted by many labs? This could help standardize the kind of records that are kept for specimens and the kind of information that is recorded, making it easier to develop widely accepted standards for the field of paleontology.

Bring your own prep record with you, let’s compare the information we feel is important, how we record it, how that information gets attached to the specimen record and see if we can create a standardized document.

Working Group: Digital Asset Management

Facilitator(s): Michael Holland

Discussion of issues surrounding 3D scanning and imaging.  3D technology is rapidly proliferating, enabling exciting research, but also bringing along challenges and questions.  Each time a specimen is scanned, it effectively multiplies, now existing as a fossil, a raw data set, and probably at least one 3D reconstruction.  Each of these “clones” are a digital asset. How and where should these assets be stored? Who owns them? Who can have access to them, and for what purposes?

Paleo Speed Dating

Moderator(s): Greg Brown

Want to share that cool tool, nifty trick or genius innovation with the world?  Have a burning question that needs extinguishing or a prep conundrum that’s been keeping you up at night? Flaunt your brilliance or unburden your soul to our panel of experts – and your fellow AMMPers – at this lightning round of show-off-and-tell. Don't have an issue or innovation? Come learn what your clever cohorts have been up to or weigh in with your own two cents.

If you have something to present, sign up below to reserve your 5 minutes of fame.

2020 Host Committee

Shawn Haugrud, Chair                                          Eastern Tennessee State University and Gray Fossil Site

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