Annual Meeting, Lincoln, Nebraska

April 24-28, 2018

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Symposia | Wednesday, April 25th

The scheduled symposia will feature invited lectures relevant to each topic. In both symposia, presentations will be followed by a panel of authors and others responding to questions from the audience. The symposia are intended to be of interest to all registrants and are an essential part of our mission. No separate Registration is required and all are encouraged to attend.

Health & Safety Symposium

The collection, preparation and conservation of fossils utilizes a large variety of tools, machinery and chemicals, all of which pose potential threats to our health and safety. This symposium, featuring several invited speakers, will feature presentations on a variety of health and safety topics that are essential knowledge for anyone working in this discipline. 

In-situ Conservation Symposium

Preserving fossils in situ for public exhibit and/or research purposes is becoming more common. In-situ collections expose fossils to conditions unlike any found in traditional collection spaces and each site presents unique problems for conservation. This symposium, featuring invited speakers representing several existing in-situ sites, will examine current strategies as well as unresolved issues faced by several existing or proposed sites.

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Gregory Brown, Co-Chair
Shane Tucker, Co-Chair

George Corner
Carrie Herbel
Rob Skolnick
Jeremy McMullin
University of Nebraska State Museum

Conni O'Connor
Annual Meeting
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Florissant Fossil Beds National

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Lisa Herzog
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

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University of Texas at Austin

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NC Museum of Natural Sciences

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