Publications Committee

Encourages presenters of talks and posters from each meeting to post their work as pdf's on the AMMP website, assists as needed in converting powerpoint or other files to post-able pdf's.  Edits postprints for post meeting publication.

Key Responsibilities

    1. Serves as a resource for annual meeting abstract formatting.
    2. Works with Website Committee to post pdf’s of Annual Meeting talks on the AMMP web site.
    3. Identifies other publications for the web site as appropriate.
    4. Works with members to publish papers in other venues.
    5. In the future, may work to develop AMMP peer reviewed publishing venue.

Expected time commitment

    1. 1-2 hrs month, but variable depending on the overall commitment of committee.

Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee

    1. Good writing and editing skills, as well as familiarity with abstract submission procedures, and document formatting.
    2. Awareness of paleontological preparation and conservation literature.

 Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials

    1. Publication documents will be available.
    2. Committee will promote talk to pdf conversion.

Accountability to the board

    1. Reports to the board semi-annually, or if requested.

Committee Chair

Marilyn Fox

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History


Association for Materials and Methods in Paleontology

Established 2014

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