Workshop Proposal Submission Guidelines

Workshop Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2019

We are looking for workshops, round tables, and working groups that share knowledge of materials, techniques, and new ideas to Annual Meeting participants. In this way, we can improve the entire field of paleontological preparation.  All proposals will be reviewed by the Annual Meeting Committee, with oversight by the Board. 

Some suggested topics for workshops:

  • New techniques

  • Refinements to well-known techniques

  • New materials 

  • New ways to use well-known materials

  • Basics of… (almost any basic technique will be new to some participants, or you may have a novel approach to a basic technique)

  • Moldmaking

  • Field techniques

Round Tables can discuss common problems and try to achieve a solution that will benefit all, including topics like: best practices in the lab and the field, volunteers and the volunteer experience, professionalization of the field of preparation.

Working Groups can create standardized documents (ethics guidelines, destructive sampling guidelines, lab protocols, collections use protocols) that can be widely shared on the AMMP website.

The following questions will be covered in the Proposal Form. Please answer them as completely as possible.

  • What is the title of your Workshop, Round Table, Working Group?
  • Who will lead the workshop?
  • What is their experience? Have they led workshops before?
  • What is the level of the workshop? Basic/Beginner? Advanced?
  • Please describe the workshop, the activities that will take place and what you hope the participants will learn. The workshop description should contain as much information as possible. Workshop descriptions should accurately convey the activities, methods and goals of the workshop and explain how it will benefit the members of AMMP.
  • How long will the workshop be? Many AMMP workshops are a morning or afternoon, but there have been 1-2 hour long workshops as well as all day workshops.
  • What space will you need? Lecture-type space? Lab space? A large room or a small room?
  • What materials will be used in the workshop?  Who will provide these? Do they have specialized requirements: fume hoods, scales, a clean space or a dirty space?
  • What other space related requirements are there ? (tables?, chairs?)
  • Will you need AMMP to provide AV? Electricity? How many outlets?
  • Health & Safety: Please include all pertinent health and safety concerns for your workshop and explain how you will mitigate them. Will PPE be required?  Who will provide it?
  • Will there be a cost to the participants? What will that cost be?
  • Is there a minimum and/or maximum number of participants?

For a workshop example, please click on the PDF below:

Workshop Example 2.pdf

Adherence to AMMP Ethics Guidelines

By submitting your workshop proposal, you are agreeing to abide by AMMP Ethics Guidelines as set forth in the Charter.   []

The AMMP abstract disclaimer applies to workshops (methods/materials presented at AMMP may not necessarily reflect the views of the organization).  By submitting a workshop proposal (and by the Board and the Annual Meeting Committee approving/accepting said proposal) the individual and AMMP are essentially reaching an agreement, in which the presenter/instructor agrees to offer their best effort at demonstrating their understanding of best practices in a manner that is consistent with the ethics of AMMP, and the organization is offering their trust that such efforts will be made and providing a forum/venue for the workshop.  

You can mention products in your proposal and during the workshop, but the AMMP meeting is not a forum for a sales pitch of your product.

2020 Host Committee

Shawn Haugrud, Chair                                          Eastern Tennessee State University and Gray Fossil Site

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