Field Trips

Our tradition is to provide optional activities prior to and after the body of the Annual Meeting.  These are opportunities for those who have some additional time to devote to maximizing their educational and recreational experiences at the meeting.

Pre- and post-meeting field trips are an additional fee to cover some costs. Check each description to see the specific costs covered.

Field Trips are open to everyone, but spaces are limited. Register early to secure your choices.

*Check back for more information and choices at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Special Post-Meeting Field Trip

Gray Fossil Site and East Tennessee Museum of Natural History

Limit 80 people

9:00a - 5:00p

The museum and fossil site are a short bus ride from the host hotel. Faculty and staff of the ETSU Center of Excellence in Paleontology will lead 3 groups on extended behind the scenes tours of the site including the various excavation pits, the screening facilities, and the preparation lab. After the tours, groups will be excavating in TestPit 1-2015 (also known as the mastodon pit) as well as screening for micro fossils in the screening barn with both traditional wet-screening and hydrogen peroxide methods. The Gray Fossil Site is very prolific and the pits and screening always produce fossils, so participants will be seeing fossils on this trip. For participants who are unable to dig or screen, or just prefer picking, the lab does have 10+ micro fossil picking stations. Participants will also get to attend a show in our Tesla Theater, a show that plays songs on a 200,000 volt Tesla coil.

2021 Host Committee

Shawn Haugrud, Chair                                          Eastern Tennessee State University and Gray Fossil Site

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