Education and advocacy to improve ethics, standards, and practices in paleontology

Platform and Poster Presentations

Jessica Barnett: Prioritizing Digitization Workflow Through Task Division

Kelsie Abrams: Tiny Shiny Things: A Case Study On The Use Of Ultraviolet Light For Micropreparation Of Cenozoic Mammals

Olivia Lundelius: Sorting Microfossil Concentrate Under Ultraviolet And Daylight Conditions Using A Support Vector Machine

Adam Behlke: Technique For Phantom Shims In A Poured Mold                    

Christopher Capobianco: Assessing The Over-Sized Collections At The Museum Of Comparative Zoology (Mcz), Harvard University/Why A Cold War Missile Bunker Is Not An Ideal Place For Museum Collections

Edward Shelburne: Scan Time: Incorporating Nextengine 3d Laser Scanning Into Your Laboratory Workflow

Gregory Brown: Footprints And Swirls: Preservation Of Ephemeral Trace Fossils At The Ashfall Fossil Beds Using Cyclododecane As An Intermediate In Double Transfer Preparation

Hillary Mclean: Construction Of An Archival Cradle Of Enormous And Very Delicate Irish Elk Skull

Jaime Hirtz: Advanced Techniques For Three-Dimensional Scanning Using Nextengine And Scanstudio

Kenneth Bader: The Challenges Of The Preparing And Conserving The Texas Gomphothere, Gnathabelodon Buckneri.

Mariana Di Giacomo: Conservation Science Meets Fossil Preparation: Ftir As A Tool To Identify Materials In Paleontological Collections

Marilyn Fox: Treatment Of Fossil Specimens Before And After Destructive Sampling

Matthew E Smith: Revisiting Field Sites, Preparation, And Increasing The Utility Of Fossil Specimens

Michelle Pinsdorf: Break It Down – Training Volunteers To Repair Damaged Fossils Through A Group Workshop

Nicole Ridgwell:     Long Term Conservation Challenges In The Carnegie Quarry At Dinosaur National Monument

Rene Hernandez–Rivera: Restoration Of The Second Cast Of "Isauria" (Latirhinus Uitstlani), The First Mexican Dinosaur Exhibited In A Museum.

Rubén Contreras: How Water Can Help In Palaeontological Preparation. The Case Of The Tw:Eed Project

Vanessa Rhue: Shipshape Loans: The Art Of Selecting Materials For Housing Fossils Sent On Institutional Loan

Poster Presentations

Cyrus Green: You Want To Do What To The Bone? Ensuring Proper Collections Storage And Maximizing Data Preservation For Bones Used In Histological Studies

Jacob Van Veldhuizen: Developing A Workflow For Transferring And Rehousing Specimens During A Cabinetry Upgrade: A Case Study From The North Carolina Museum Of Natural Sciences

Jennifer Cavin: Making Economical Casts From One Part Molds Of Gomphothere Teeth

José L. Gudiño Maussán: Digital Photogrammetry Modelling Applied To Dinosaur Tracks From

Cerro Del Pueblo Formation (Late Campanian), Coahuila, Mexico: An Approach To Test Its Effectiveness As Means Of Research And Preservation

Mariah Slovacek: Unwrapping The Past One Whorl At A Time –  A Case Study Of The Destructive Analysis Of Allonautilus Scrobiculatus

Rachel Narducci: Communicating Fossil Collection And Preparation Techniques To A Wider Audience: A Case Study Utilizing Webinars

Vicki Yarborough: Dead Or Alive? Navigating The Procedural Maze And Preparation Complexities To Mold The Teeth Of A Living Daubentonia Madagascariensis (Aye-Aye).

Ana Balcarcel: Archival Fills: Application And Tinting Options



April 19-22, 2017

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