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Digital Data Collection in the Field, Lab, and Museum

Date and Time:

April 18 & 19, 2016 from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Photogrammetry is a powerful and relatively inexpensive tool for the 3D documentation of the appearance and condition of fossil resources during any step of the curatorial process. The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize participants with the methodology, applications, and products of photogrammetry as it relates to collection, preparation and curation of fossil material as a tool for specimen documentation and recordation, as well as digital data archiving.

Workshop Overview: The general concept of the workshop is to provide an overview of photogrammetry and requirements of image capture. The workshop will begin with a discussion of the basics of stereo photography and what makes photogrammetry work; followed by an overview of the photogrammetric process, camera/equipment, simple to complex project designs, importance of camera calibration, examples of project layouts and results, and what can be done with the data. The hands-on part of the workshop will allow participants to use their own cameras to collect digital data using photogrammetry of various types of specimens and then a walk-through of some of the basic processing; AgiSoft Photoscan Professional will be utilized; allowing participants to actually see some of the processed data from their photogrammetric work. Participants will have the chance to process some of their own data and utilized 3D data for analysis, such as generating 3D output files and color depth maps, using CloudCompare, an open source software). Generating and utilizing 3D data will provide a better understanding of the monitoring and conservation opportunities photogrammetry provides for the field of vertebrate paleontology. Participants are encouraged to bring their own digital cameras, laptop computers (Windows and Mac).  

Equipment - While this is an introductory level workshop, all skill levels are welcome. For those wishing to complete projects a DSL Camera with a wide angle lens (20 to 35 mm lens) and windows laptop or Mac with software pre-loaded is recommended. Information for obtaining a no-cost trial licenses will be provided upon workshop enrollment.


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