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All committees are open to member participation.  Contact the Committee's chairperson if you are interested in joining, or would like more detailed information.

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Education and advocacy to improve ethics, standards, and practices in paleontology


Structural Outline for All Committees of the AMMP

Each committee shall include the following information for prospective and current members of that specific committee:

1.     Key Responsibilities

2.     Expected time commitment

3.     Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee

4.     Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials

5.     Accountability to the board

Each Committee shall have a Chair.  The Chair serves at the will of the Board of Directors. Committee members can nominate a Committee Chair, and forward to the Board for approval. Rotation of this position is at the discretion of the committee, the Chair's willingness to serve, or the Board.

The committee may choose to have one co-chair with final approval from the Board.  This should be dependent on the workload of the committee.

The committee chair will be responsible for submitting meeting minutes to the board.

It is understood that all committee members be in good standing with the AMMP.

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