Works with Membership Secretary to maintain detailed records of membership. Publishes member directory, recruits and encourages new membership in the organization.

Education and advocacy to improve ethics, standards, and practices in paleontology

Membership Committee

1. Key Responsibilities

     a. Maintains and improves membership records (in conjunction with Treasurer)

     b. Encourages and recruits new membership, especially from AMMP Facebook page.

     c. Work to develop and maintain a ‘Preparator’s Directory’ to include both individuals

          and institutions where Materials & Methods in Paleontology are implemented.

2. Expected time commitment

     a. 1-2 hours month during year, 2 hrs week during peak meeting organization times

3. Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee

     a. Organization

     b. Familiarity with spreadsheet or database programs

4. Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials

     a. Membership database that tracks all membership metadata

5. Accountability to the board

     a. Reports to the board semi-annually

Committee Chair