Members of this committee work to advance the mission of AMMP and strengthen its standing in the community. They ensure that AMMP serves the needs of its members while fostering growth among individuals through targeted development opportunities. They will also Promote diversity in membership and fundraise for general funds, awards and travel grants.

Education and advocacy to improve ethics, standards, and practices in paleontology

Development Committee

Committee Chair

Matthew Brown

University of Texas at Austin

1. Key Responsibilities

     a.  Seek input from the board on the needs of consituants.

     b. Present recommendations for progrommatic strategies, initiatives, and

          membership engagement to the board.

     c. Evaluate Association initiatives for adherence to stated mission and long term


     d. Create targeted documents outlining recommendations towards ensuring the future

          stability of the Association.

     e. Work to foster relations with complimentary organizations.

2. Expected time commitment

     a. Committee members will spend an average of 3 hours per month working to meet

          their responsibilities.

     b. The committee shall maintain a schedule of actions, and events relating to their

          responsibilities and documented recommendations.

3. Specific qualities/skills/attributes beneficial for membership in committee

     a. Committee members should be prepared for the time commitment associated with

          Strategic Planning.

     b. Experience developing and expressing organizational strategies, and institutional

          or organizational leadership.

     c. Enthusiasm for the Association and building connections with the memberhsip

          and complimentary organizations.

     d. Fundraising acumen and experience through individual giving and sponsored


4. Available support for committee: funding, board support, existing materials

     a. Support from the board in developing strategies.

     b. Collaboration with Training and Publications Committee on dissemination of


     c. Open communication with Treasurer.

5. Accountability to the board

     a. The committee shall provide the Board regular updates not less than bimonthly.