Helps to select recipients of the William W. Amaral Legacy Award, AMMP Service Award, Russ McCarty Student Travel Award, and other awards as they are developed. Also engages in fundraising for monetary awards. Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting of the AMMP.

Education and advocacy to improve ethics, standards, and practices in paleontology

Awards Committee

1. Key Responsibilities

     a. William W. Amaral Legacy Award: solicits, receives, and reviews nominations.

     b. AMMP Service Award: receives and reviews nominations, makes final selection.

     c. Russ McCarty Student Travel Award: solicits, receives, and reviews nominations.

          Determines award allotment based on need and funds available.

     d. Review student abstracts for selection of the Russ McCarty Student Travel Award.

     e. Organize and maintain historical records related to each award. This includes

          noination and support letters, list of recipients, financial support records per year.

          Documentation to be stored in a centralized location where all relative members of

          the board and committee can access them.

2. Expected Time Commitment

     Committee members will spend an average of 3 hours per month managing and

          selecting award recipients, as well as on fund-raising efforts.

3. Qualities, skills, and attributes beneficial for committee members

     Committee members should be prepared for the ongoing time commitment associated

          with the awards committee.  This is a year-long endeavor, and will require emails

          and deadlines.

     Experience with or affinity to budgeting, invoicing and accounting, and fundraising.

     Previous annual meeting attendance will help with continuity issues.

     Good writing and editing skills, as well as familiarity with abstract judging abstracts for

          their content.

4. Available support for committee

     Recipients of the Amaral Legacy Award will receive a plaque/trophy signifying their

          achievement.-. The AMMP treasury will supply funding for this plaque/trophy.

     Recipients of the AMMP Service Award will receive a plaque signifying their

          achievement.. The AMMP treasury will supply funding for this plaque.

     Recipients of the Russ McCarty Student Travel Award will receive  funding for travel

          to the AMMP conference, or for specified training directly related to materials and

          methods in paleontology. Proceeds from the Annual Meeting silent auction fund this


5. Accountability to the board (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer)

     The Chair of the Awards committee will provide the board with final nominations and

          selections no later than three months prior to the Annual Meeting where awards will

          be presented.

Committee Chair

Matthew Smith

Petrified Forest National Park